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Last weekend I was invited to my best friend’s baby shower. It’s her first baby and we are all sooo excited for her. Knowing how much I loved my baths and feeling pampered when I was pregnant, I went looking for something really special for her. I don’t have a mega budget so Boots would have to do, plenty of high-end boutiques available that are for another life-time :).

So off I went to Boots and found the Champneys Spa Range! It’s a whole range of divine smelling shower gels, bubble baths, creams, lotions and even candles. I picked a couple for her and also got myself the Champneys Spa Indulgence Exotic Retreat Shower Cream. The smell is coconut milk and Ylang Ylang and I just adore it. It’s so creamy, it’s actually hard to get out of the tube.

It’s the first time I have used Champneys and I think I’ll look at their facial ranges next time my moisturiser needs replacing.

PS: I’m not being paid for this post 🙂

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