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A whole day of Brighton fun

8th March 2016

After a rubbish Christmas half-term I was really hoping to spend some quality time with noodle. I work from home a lot so there is always some distraction but not this time. I took a couple of days off and the laptop and work phone stayed switched off in the office.

One of the two days we spent in Brighton. BeachWe set off early and our adventure began as we hopped on the train. It was a cold but stunning day so when we arrived in Brighton we became total tourists and walked straight down to the seafront. We spent some time on the beach in the warm sunshine. We watched the seagulls steal sandwiches, collected some tiny shells and noodle generally did a lot of running around while I was soaking up the much-needed sun.

PavillionWe walked around the Pavilion gardens and watched a movie being filmed for a while.

For lunch we went to Moshimo’s, my favourite. Food was delicious and I love that noodle can have noodles or rice which he loves. Word of warning though, if you’re planning on going. There is no more kids’ menu since January, a great shame as it used to be fantastic.

TurtleAfter lunch we wandered around the Sea Life Centre for almost 3 hours. We watched the sharks and sea turtles being fed, we dug out fossils, we touched starfish, coral and a crab.
We spent ages watching the giant sting ray floating over our heads majestically. Noodle came out with two real shark teeth as a reward for finding a fossil and a cuddly sting ray named Glider. Glider has been a permanent feature at bedtime ever since and has even been to school on special toy day.

A day out in Brighton is not complete without a trip to the pier! It was too cold to go on any rides but we did have some fresh hot doughnuts and watched thousands of starlings flocking all around the pier to the most perfect sunset.

Brighton Pier

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