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    Health & Well-Being

    Discovering Meditation

    For around three months now I have been meditating on a regular basis. It came recommended to me by my Occupational Therapist, and although a little sceptical, I’m pretty much up to give anything…

    5th December 2017
  • Health & Well-Being

    I miss running

    There. I said it. It’s been a while, let me fill you in. Turn back to last summer and I was regularly running up to 12 miles a week split over 3 runs and…

    13th August 2015
  • Health & Well-Being

    I did it!

    I did it! I completed my first 10 mile race. Whooooop! *pulls t-shirt over head, runs through house Last Sunday I took part in the annual 10 mile Angmering Bluebell Trail. We had mud,…

    1st May 2014