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Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosed with MS in July 2016, this is still all very new to me. I often mourn the old me, regretting having wasted so much time for no particular reason.

  • why me
    Multiple Sclerosis

    Why me?

    This post was supposed to be about my progress on strengthening my hips and core and working towards my running goal. I look like I might have to take a step back though.…

    4th May 2017
  • what is multiple sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis

    So, what is MS?

    So, what is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? You might have wondered and may have been too embarrassed to ask me. Well, 10 months ago, I was oblivious to it. It was something other people, much…

    6th October 2016
  • diagnosis
    Multiple Sclerosis


    Things have been a bit quiet on here lately. Well, I’ve had a few distractions and it has taken me a while to figure out that I do want to write about it. Before…

    13th July 2016
  • ms relapse
    Multiple Sclerosis

    On having a relapse

    Yes, you’ve guessed it. As the title suggests, I appear to be having a relapse. It actually started about 3 weeks ago and I’ve held it together quite well since then. Symptoms have been…

    13th June 2016
  • An update on my health Bramber Castle West Sussex
    Multiple Sclerosis

    An update on my health

    Many have been asking on how I’m doing. Before I start, I’d like to just say: you all friggin’ rock! Every single one of you! Thanks for being so supportive, concerned and generally lovely.…

    14th April 2016