Challenges/goals for 2014

I know what you’re thinking. New Year’s resolution alert!! And it’s nearly February! Yawn… BUT…

I have pondered my goals for this year for the past 28 days so therefore I WILL actually achieve them, or so I have decided anyway.

So, I just need to record it all before it gathers dust on a shelf and before you know it, six months have gone and life has swallowed it all up again. Yes, that is a regular occurrence and we’ve become very good at it 🙂

I have devided my goals into two categories, personal and business, in that priority order.


  1. Make more time for Fin. Quality time. He’s nearly 3. We shall have much more fun being crafty, being outdoors and maybe I even try a bit of baking, although that’s a bit scary 😉
  2. Grow my darn finger nails. *hangs head in utter shame* Yes, I am nearly 34 and still bite my nails. What will it take? I don’t know but it has to be on my list, always.
  3. Get back into running and staying there. I’ve started well this year. According to my clever running app on my phone, I have already run 22 miles in January alone! Whoop! Signing up for a 10 mile/16 km trail at the end of April. Yikes! This is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Furthest I have run in one go is 6 miles/ 10km and that was 4 years ago before pregnancy, childbirth and a whole year of sleep deprivation took its toll.
  4. Grow my hair. My hair is that kind of hair that gets annoying at a certain length so even with the best intentions I always end up cutting it into a bob style cut just as it reaches my shoulders. It goes all funny and kinky and all different but slightly weird looking lengths. I swear the back grows faster than the sides, grrrr! Anyway, I recently found an old photograph when admittedly I looked a lot younger which I know will not be fixed but it made me wanna grow my hair again and maybe I can feel a bit younger again, just a little…
  5. Finish updating my new name with everyone! Seriously, I got married over 6 months ago and I still have a list the length of my leg (!!! lol) of companies that I need to let know. Just some of them take so much effort and it’s such a booooooring task….zzzzz.. Oh sorry, nodded off there…


  1. Brush up on my social media knowledge. So, I may have promised my husband to not only promote his graphic design business but also come in with him and offer to set up social media accounts for his clients and all that is involved with it. Well, I do know more than the average Joe, but if we’re gonna go all professional on it, I better brush up sharpish!
  2. Make a final decision on barechic. It’s not always glory in business and sometimes you just have to cut your losses and learn from your experiences. It looks like this year might be the year when we might wave good bye to barechic. It will be sad, very sad. But I think I’ve almost made up my mind. There are many, many reasons, some are our fault, some out of our control. I shall write more about it as I ponder on it (I have until April to decide).

So, that’s it. Looking at it all written down, it actually looks very achievable (apart from the biting my nail bit, sigh). Think I’ll actually give it a proper go! Wish me luck 🙂

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