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I did it!

1st May 2014

I did it! I completed my first 10 mile race. Whooooop! *pulls t-shirt over head, runs through house 2014-04-27 10.29.33

Last Sunday I took part in the annual 10 mile Angmering Bluebell Trail. We had mud, rain, sun, mud, spectacular views of the bottom of the downs, stunning bluebells through the woods, mud, sheep, did I mention mud??

I’m not gonna lie, it was the hardest race I have ever done. Some places I found even difficult to walk through after everyone had trampled it to nothing but sludge before me.

But just two days after I still feel the buzz and the other two girlies and me have decided to sign up for our first half marathon in exactly five months time! We must be mad, right? Probably, BUT I have checked the course and it’s all on the road, phew!

My two running buddies did rather much better than me! Well done Vanessa, finishing in 1:34 and Helen in 1:41. I, on the other hand, only managed a measly 1:59! The constant stopping and going, exhausting mud-wading and distinct lack of training proofed too much for my target time of 1:45. But I’m still chuffed that I managed to complete it at all and there’s always next time, PLUS, I did have to pause for a couple of bluebell shots, they were stunning! 🙂

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