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Local hidden treasure Highdown Gardens

13th May 2014

I have lived in Worthing for about 15 years but it was only a couple of years ago that we discovered a little gem, a hidden treasure: Highdown Gardens, Worthing.

Our neighbours suggested to take Fin there and until then we had no idea that it existed.

Highdown Gardens is just behind the Highdown Hotel off Littlehampton Road. It’s a stunning garden stretching over more than 8 acres that has existed since around 1909 and is now maintained by an amazing group of volunteers. Apparently it used to be an old chalk pit but you would never know these days.

When you go there for the first time, it is like entering a new world with its many hidden bays amongst a maze of stunningly maintained flowers, shrubs and trees. There are countless lush corners perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon picnic.

It’s quiet and romantic and especially in spring with the strong floral scent everywhere it feels like a real treat. There is a rose garden, which I have been told they read Shakespeare on warm summer evenings, and a couple of small fish ponds with a tiny waterfall to explore. And amazingly, all of this is completely free!

Highdown Gardens Fish Pond

When you’re all explored out, you can head to the local café or carvery just below the gardens. But if the garden has awoken the rambler in you, then you can enjoy the stunning views of the Sussex coastline just outside of the gardens with loads more walking at the edge of the Southdowns.

But shhhh! It’s our little secret, right?! 🙂


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