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My running challenge: Angmering #Bluebell 10 mile trail

23rd April 2014

My race numberIt’s finally arrived. This Sunday, 27th April, I am going to run the 10 mile trail of the yearly Angmering Bluebell. To say I’m worried is a ridiculous understatement.

I have taken part before, just before I got pregnant with Fin. Back then I did the 6 mile which is what I originally planned to sign up for again. However, naively, stupidly, courageously, whatever you might call it, I let myself get talked into doing the 10 miles instead.

So, in January, a group of girlies and me signed up. I have to say the year didn’t start great. I hadn’t done any running for about 6 months and started my training by doing a 4 mile run with a chest infection on the seafront from Worthing to Shoreham at about 2º C for the #TeamHonk shenanigans for Sport Relief (read more about that here).

After having to sit my cough out, February went rather well so I got all encouraged until Mid-March when it struck again! Throw in a holiday just before for my birthday and I basically didn’t do any running for nearly 4 weeks.

My first run after having to take a break was last Monday, with less than two weeks to go. I did 5 miles and seriously thought of cancelling. How could I possibly run double?? Well, a massive panic can do wonders for getting your butt off the sofa!! Easter Sunday I went out and ran a whole 8 miles. I have never run that far. My time was not amazing but it has given me some confidence to know I will not make a total fool of myself this Sunday.

Energy tablets and wine gums at the ready, I’m hoping my next blog will be my achievement of completing the race. Wish me luck! x

If you want to find out more about the race, check here

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