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6th January 2018
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It has become a little tradition now for me to think about a single word that would stay with me for the year. It is supposed to remind myself of what I want to achieve and what my priorities will be. Last year’s word was IGNORE and my goal was to be more relaxed about the day to day stuff. If I’m honest, it was quite hard but I have made a more conscious effort to look after number one.

I also had a few goals alongside: to have more photos of myself in them, to go for a run, to earn some money from photography and to simply say ‘yes’ more often. Well, my running goal nosedived completely as I sprained my ankle but my photography goal has been smashed! The other two are somewhere in between.

So what do I want to achieve in 2018?

As usual, my main goal is very personal to me. With my therapy now taking effect and feeling pretty good at the moment, I want to focus on today. I want to stop putting stuff off. I know too well that there will be times ahead when nothing can get done when I’m not well enough to work out for example. Today, I’m feeling good so I have to seize the day and live it to the fullest.

My word for 2018 is


Seize every good day.

Seize the opportunity to learn and grow.

Seize feeling well enough to exercise.

Be grateful that I get to do all the boring bits.

Do everything with love.

Be courageous.

….and always dance at parties 😊

Last year, when my foot was really bad and I was totally off-balance, I went to a party. I got asked twice to get up and join in. Truth is, I wore trainers because I couldn’t move my toes to get into my party shoes earlier that evening. Dancing would have just been impossible with one leg normal and the other refusing to do any quick movements at all. I sat beside the dancefloor and regretted every single time in the past when I was not sure, or to shy to dance. I made a promise to myself that night to never put it off again, and to dance my heart out if I’m able.

“Seize” is all about that. In a way, I could call myself lucky that I know how different life can be and feeling well enough to make the most out of the good days.


There are five areas that I have set myself different goals for. Now, I have set them, I am working out how I will actually achieve them and what I need to do to make them happen.

Be in the photo, again

This is so important and I’m still not doing enough of it. I don’t think I’m alone in this. We worry about those extra pounds, not wearing make-up, pulling a silly face, the list is endless. But when you think about it, will our kids care about those things when they look back over the photos one day? Or will they just remember that moment we shared with them? They already see us with all our flaws daily, that’s how they’ll want to remember us when we’re not around anymore. There are a couple of monthly and weekly family diaries that a load of other bloggers take part in and by taking part myself, I will remind myself to get in that photo!


2017 has been quite successful as I started to take my first commissions that came to me completely organically. It has been hugely enjoyable and I’m planning on building on it. I have a lot of learning to do still, I know how I want my photos to look and I’m striving to reach that level. One of my Christmas pressies was an online family posing course and I can’t wait to get started with it. Family shoots are what I’m most interested in doing. I’m aiming to do at least six this year.


With having a chronic illness, this is an area that very much shifts from simply wanting to lose weight to being in the best health I can be. I already avoid gluten, which makes a huge difference to my fatigue levels, I meditate in the mornings after the stressy school run which sets me up for the day. My exercise is quite limited, as overdoing it can be really detrimental to how I feel. I have to be much cleverer about it, think about areas I need to strengthen and keeping my heart rate from going through the roof. I aim to go to the gym twice a week and take Noodle swimming on Sundays, where I simply walk in the water, swimming is still too knackering. In my diet, I need to cut down the sugar and the meat. I know a lot of people with MS do very well on a vegan diet.


Giving your child the gift of language is an amazing privilege. I know that. As Noodle started school with a speech delay and under speech therapy, I put German on the backburner and we never recovered. It doesn’t help, that I am really not very German anymore myself. I don’t think in German, I only have one German friend. My world is English. But I need to make the effort and give Noodle this incredible gift. I will schedule a day of the week where we speak German. To start off with, it will be small basic stuff for half an hour or so and as it becomes more routine, we will have a German day.

Worthing Mums

The Worthing Mums blog is something I love doing and I have had some great opportunities and fun days out from it. To grow this platform, I want to build a proper mailing list, be more organised around seasonal stuff like holiday clubs and season-related activities etc. I want to approach advertisers to help me pay for the running of it. And lastly, I want to take a ton of photos of Worthing for use on the website and social media channels.

Phew, quite the list! I have to say that it’s quite daunting putting some of the finer details “out there” but I figure, how else am I gonna hold myself accountable? Plus, thinking about it and writing it all down is really

Over to you, what are your goals and have you made a list (written or in your head) about how you will achieve them? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Reply trippingthroughtreacle 6th January 2018 at 19:47

    Love your new blog name and your list! ‘Seize’ is an ace word to choose. Happy 2018! Xx

    • Reply Kat 6th January 2018 at 19:49

      Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you too!

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