No more fads – my quest to get it right for good

No more fads – my quest to get it right for good

I type this as I sit here at my desk having munched my way through some Kinder Chocolate. I have been pondering about starting a diet (or not), exercise and the whole eating healthy shebang for a while now.

It can’t be that hard, can it? Why is it so bloody hard? Ok. This is the deal, I’m not massively overweight, in fact I actually sneak into my ideal BMI just at the very top end, on the verge of going over. I do, however, carry most of my weight on my tummy, which apparently is the worst place as you are more at risk of heart disease and diabetes. Oh goody, thanks for that, scare mongers researchers!

I am really close to actually starting something to get back into shape. I have been running quite a bit lately and I’m starting to feel a bit different, even if the scales don’t necessarily reflect this. The husband has commented also, which is very encouraging. He is quite strict with me and I don’t really mind because at the end of the day, he met a fit bird some 8 years ago, so can’t let myself go too much 🙂 Plus, he is very complimentary when I do look nice, with or without bumps, so all is forgiven. AND he works out all the time to try and stay fit, phoarrr! 😀

Trouble is, I just can’t be arsed to be faffing around with weighing, measuring, journalling, planning every tiny crumb that passes my face. I simply don’t want to make time for it any more. There’s plenty of other things since becoming a working mum that I need to be getting on with.

Can’t I just eat less than what I burn everyday and lose a bit of weight that way? Only got about 10 pounds to lose.

So, here starts my quest to find the easiest, non-fuss way to get back into shape and most importantly, stay there. Something that is so easy and effortless that it becomes second nature and I can use it forever. I shall weigh in regularly, heck, I even bought a measuring tape in case I’m actually building muscles from my running efforts, muscles weigh more than fat, you know! 🙂

Here goes…

Sunday 11th May 2014

Morning weigh-in: 10st 2½ lbs

Waist: 33”
Hips: 38”
Thighs: 40″

Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.87

I will be running three times a week, a minimum of 12 miles to start with. I have agreed to take part in a Half Marathon at the end of September so I will be anyway training for that. I know I have to fit in some other form of exercise too which due to cash flow reasons will be Davina DVDs and the odd swim.

I will also create myself a healthy vision board, a collection of inspirational images and quotes, I already have one on Pinterest, but I will print something to stick on my mirror.

Right, off to eat a banana 😉

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