A photoshoot, school nativity and our last Wildlife Watch Session

19th December 2017
Frau Naish - Plain Vanilla - Journal

Last week has left a bit of a blur. Two more days off work with this stupid cold and the rest of the week working like mad trying to catch up. To add insult to injury, I have pulled a muscle in my ribcage causing agony when I cough, reach or just generally breathe. Great!

On a more cheery note, we got to see Noodle perform in his school nativity this week. He played a camel which was sweet. He is hilarious to watch because he just seems to be somewhere else the whole time. Often, he’s looking around, staring into space, half-heartedly singing along; whilst the others are singing their little hearts out and doing all the actions with their arms. One of the girls sang a beautiful little solo. She sang loudly and confidently, amazing for year 2. I don’t care if Noodle ‘performs’ or not though, the whole thing always chokes me up and I feel a sense of pride for all the kids.

On Thursday, I did a small photoshoot for an 18th Birthday Party. It was a challenge with lighting, being in a very old, simply stunning farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I panicked, as I always do, about the photos not coming out well enough, but I needn’t have! They went down a storm and the girls (all 11 of them!) had a brilliant time. I love this type of photography. I get glimpses into people’s lives and capture beautiful, memorable occasions.

On Friday, a question came that I have long been dreading: Noodle asked to start playing Minecraft. For me, this is a huge step towards the next few years. It didn’t come unexpected but I did think we’d have a bit more time. For now, I will monitor his playing but I know a lot of his friends play already and I don’t want him to be the odd one out. I also think, setting clear boundaries now will hopefully mean that he won’t become a complete stranger the moment he walks in from school.

At the weekend, Noodle and I went to the last of our Wildlife Watch sessions at Woodsmill Sussex Wildlife Trust. It was cold but so much fun as always. This time we set up the fire pit straight away and cooked sausages! They were amazing! Must be the cooking skills of our leader Bruno and the fresh air. Everything tastes better in the fresh forest air.



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