#ProjectMe – It’s all good

#ProjectMe – It’s all good

At the end of last week I worried about it all feeling too easy. It felt like I was not doing it properly. When I diet I’m used to feeling hungry or at the very least constantly peckish and fighting to resist all the treats around me. So when I didn’t at all feel hungry or like raiding the biscuit tin, I thought maybe I was eating too much and doing something wrong.

Well, I needn’t have worried. Whilst I have stayed the same weight wise, I have lost another half inch off my waist (with a total of 2 inches off the fat bit around my belly button since I started the diet!).

Week 2 was so different to week 1. In the first week, I did feel hungry when I was close to my next meal. I did crave a lot of sweet things, although not as bad as previous diets I had tried. It has baffled me how easy I’m finding it now. I can honestly, hand on my heart, say that I do not miss pasta, rice, potatoes, white bread, chocolate or biscuits which was a huge part of our diet before. Yesterday, Fin gave me half of his Cornetto that he didn’t want any longer. I watched myself throwing it in the bin!!!!

I have discovered a very resourceful and rather talented chef inside me, even if I do say so myself 😉 Having to rethink our lunches and evening meals has prompted me to remember all those tips and tricks that you subconsciously learn watching tons of cooking programs (but you never actually use).

Every meal is genuinely delicious, mainly also because you can have all the lovely things that make a meal taste nice which on a low-fat diet for example, you have to leave out; dressings, butter on your veggies, melted cheese. How boring is a salad when you don’t allow yourself a gorgeous dressing? I have found a couple of sugar free dressings that are fab, one being my all-time favourite Caesar!

All in all, I feel super chuffed. I don’t weigh, count, measure my food. All I do is check labels for carb/sugar content but since most of the foods we eat are not man-made or processed, it’s very easy.

I promised to be dead honest and there is one thing I would change and I’m trying to find a way around: my running training. I struggle with my pace. I’m down on my pace between half a minute to a minute per mile. I put it down to not having the energy, I don’t know what else it could be. This is a work in progress and I will look at finding out how to get over it. I ran 12 miles last week and I should be improving. Perhaps it’s not the diet at all, I know I need to do some more strength training too…

Anyway, here are last weeks results, doesn’t look hugely different but I’m happy 🙂

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