#ProjectMe – Slow progress is still progress

#ProjectMe – Slow progress is still progress

Three weeks have passed since my last update. It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster. I didn’t lose any more weight or inches for a couple of weeks and struggled with a constant lack of energy not only during exercise. Throw in a couple of weekends with friends and other social occasions that made pigging out really hard to resist, a really badly sleeping toddler for no apparent reason and I was nearly throwing in the towel.

I sat down at the beginning of last week and thought long and hard what could be causing the complete halt:

  • I’m only 5-6lbs off my target weight, so I keep having to remind myself that it WILL be a much slower progress
  • I just had my contraception implant removed, changing back to normal combined pill
  • Not sticking to it 100%, main culprit: fruit! I could eat tons of it
  • Running and the odd Davina DVD workout are my only exercise

To start with, I logged everything I ate for a couple of days thinking, I’m overdoing it and trying to work out if I’m on my recommended target of carbs. Well, I did not expect what I found. My carb intake was fine, between 30-40 g/day which is roughly what I’m aiming for so all good there. BUT, my overall calorie intake was only just over 1000 calories/day! Much too low!

I am lucky enough to have had my personal calorie allowance calculated for me by Bupa (paid for by work, thanks! :)). To maintain weight, my daily allowance is just under 2200. To lose weight healthily whilst also exercising, I should be having at least 1500 calories per day! No wonder, I have been knackered.

So from about half way last week, I adjusted things. It was easy to up the calories without upping the carbs. I just had a few more snacks, like pistachios or increased my portions sizes, especially the protein part of a meal. I instantly felt better. Exercise was not such a chore.

Not only did I feel better, I also lost another pound and another half inch off my waist! Hooray!

I can rule out blaming the pill, my daily carb intake was fine all along, although I still need to watch the fruit as it’s so full of sugar. I have started taking part in a local free boot camp and gonna start a new boxercise type class this week which will be perfect for varying up my exercise. I think that will be the key to seeing a real change in my shape, as toning will be so important now to get rid of those little cushions here and there.

Stats for week five:

Total weight lost: 6lbs

Total off my waist: 2″

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