#ProjectMe – This feels too easy

#ProjectMe – This feels too easy

Half way through my second week of low carb eating, this week feels very different from last week. Last week I was hungry when it was close to my next meal. I often craved things.

This week, I’m nowhere near as hungry and I hardly crave anything. I still have the craving for chocolate occasionally, that will probably never go away – see my blog description 😉 – but I think about it and forget it almost instantly again.

It’s so strange and it feels too easy. Speaking to my colleague who inspired me to do this diet and has given me loads of tips, she says it’s normal because I’m now officially off the “carb-roller-coaster” which is when you eat processed carbs, get an energy boost for an hour or so and then your energy levels tumble again to leave you wanting more processed carbs, making you reach for sweets, crisps, chocolate etc. It makes sense to me but I can’t help feeling a bit worried that I’m doing something wrong.

I have still not had any pasta, rice, potatoes etc. I have not had any sweets or chocolate. I don’t struggle with not having any of it, which is confusing the hell out of me! I normally struggle so much to not have the same choccy biscuit that Fin is tugging into when I’m home with him. I don’t seem to do those trips into the kitchen to find “something”.

#projectMe I’m not due for weighing until Sunday morning, doing it early always gives wrong results anyway. I know I won’t lose as much as last week and that wouldn’t be so healthy either. Also, I don’t wanna stress myself out over it. I shouldn’t worry, it’s meant to be a life-style change not just a diet. I guess after last week’s surprising success I am hooked. For the first time in years I’m below 10 stone. Plus, I do want to lose weight to get to my target before I start to properly “maintain” it.

Off to do some googling to put my mind at rest 🙂


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