#ProjectMe – Three months on

Wow, has it REALLY been three months? It really doesn’t feel like that.

Since my last post towards the end of June it has mainly been Summer! We have been on holiday, twice. We’ve enjoyed fab weather and my work has been flat-out in between.

I have done well. I’m now down to 9st 10lbs 1/2 from 10st 4lbs 1/2. I still have a fair bit to go in terms of toning, especially on my belly 🙂 But I’m pleased. At times over the summer I have lost focus, mainly on holiday and at this moment I’m fighting the urge to dig into yet more chocolate which we brought back from Germany. Chocolate still is and always will be my nemesis. I don’t care though, I love it 🙂

The last two weeks or so I have not really dieted. I have still limited the amount of processed carbs, like not having white pasta, white bread, sugar etc. but I’ve also had sweet/chocolate blow-outs in between which are completely unavoidable on holiday. What is great, is that in those last two weeks I have managed to keep my weight stable. I have done some exercise fitted around our last trip and I have kept my water intake high. I think those two things are the main reason for not piling on the pounds from all the Milka chocolate! Yum!

It’s really encouraging because it means that I can now take my foot off the gas from dieting and make it a lifestyle habit, which is EXACTLY what I set out to do. I can have healthy grains, still keep carbs lowish, keep exercising and drinking lots of water. The rest of the belly fat will diminish in time by just doing that but there’s no rush 🙂

So, what have I learnt?

1) It really does work. If you limit your carb intake to below 30g per day, you really will lose weight very quickly.

2) Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day really does help your body stop storing water.

3) Make sure you get enough salt and minerals. A lack of salt results in feeling flu like symptoms and can make you feel really miserable. Eating lots of veggies and drinking lots of water flushes a lot of good minerals out. If you’re unsure, take a supplement.

4) The carbohydrates you do eat within your allowance should be from vegetables.  Steam them whenever you can. This will help you get all the nutritional goodness your body needs.

5) Curb hunger by eating protein with every meal. Protein really does keep you fuller for longer.

6) Don’t go below a sensible calorie allowance per day. For a woman that’s around 1200 calories and around 1500 if you exercise regularly. It’s worth checking occasionally what you’re taking in. I reached a plateau very early on and also felt very low on energy until I realised that I was only eating about 1000 calories per day. I increased it just by adding some nuts, almonds are best, and quickly started to lose weight again.

7) Vary your food. Don’t fall into the boring food trap. I did! I reached a point very suddenly where I could not eat the lunch I had just prepared. I literally felt sick of the thought of eating it. I got myself into a rut eating the same stuff all the time. Be creative, it’s more fun anyway and the internet is full of recipes to try.

8) Enjoy the compliments from everybody! 🙂

Here’s to my new healthy lifestyle with Chinese take-outs and plenty of Milka chocolate thrown in! 🙂


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