Running is bad for your health

1st March 2014

So, I’ve let a friend talk me into signing up for the yearly Angmering Bluebell 10 mile trail. Whaaaaa?Β  I know! I’m ever so slightly worried. The last time I did the race was just before I got pregnant with Fin almost 4 years ago. AND then I only did a 10K which for the benefit of this post is 6, not 10 miles!!

Well, training has been good, actually racking up quite a decent mileage on my nifty ‘lil phone app and sharing each run straight to FB is rather vainly motivating me to keep going.

Until Tuesday just gone.

I planned almost a whole 11k. A massive run with a group of girlies of all different abilities so a nice steady pace to get some miles under our belts.

I was so chuffed with myself at 10.2K last recorded on my app when I, quite spectacularly, superman stylee, nose dived. I mean full on flying through the air, landing in a heap. Water bottle went flying, even my right cheek touched the concrete slabs. Ouchy! I managed to wind myself, badly bruise my right hand (defo not broken, been for an x-ray lol) and have two gorgeous blue/red knees to add to the collection. I just tripped and by the time I realised that I was falling, it was already too late. Must have looked hilarious! Absolutely no chance I could have stopped.

I’ve not run since. Great excuse to rest up for a bit. πŸ˜‰

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