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Take back the kitchen campaign

13th June 2016
Take back the kitchen

Recently I was contacted by Wren Kitchens as part of their campaign to get families back into the kitchen together.

As part of this ‘Take back the kitchen’ campaign they conducted a study on 2,000 parents with children aged 0-16. The study showed that nearly 3 in 4 parents admit their family could be eating better, with nearly half acknowledging it is a daily struggle to get their families eating healthy and nutritious meals. The poll also reveals that 1 in 10 British parents admit to cooking from scratch and sitting down as a family ONLY once or twice a month.

With this survey in mind they have created a little hub on their Wren Kitchens Blog filled with ideas and super quick recipes packed full of healthy ingredients to help parents encourage their children to eat healthily.

We decided to try out two of the recipes. We tried out the ‘Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bites’ and we also made some proper homemade pizza on another day. Noodle absolutely loved getting involved and I realised that you really don’t need a lot of ingredients or time to create something with your little one.

The recipe book contains a good selection of ‘super hero swaps’, disguising vegetables or rather making them exciting; and replacing ingredients for healthier ones without being boring. I loved that many of the recipes were also naturally dairy free so I didn’t have to find suitable replacements which has ended up as disaster in the past (icing with soya milk did not work for us!). There are sweet treats that are not totally full of sugar and no e-numbers in sight!

The banana and peanut butter bites didn’t even require baking. All we needed to do is melt the chocolate and what’s better than melted chocolate?!

The pizza was a great success with noodle being able to get really stuck in. We kneaded and rolled covered in flower. Noodle decorated his pizza all by himself and we simply left off the cheese. He doesn’t normally get to have pizza because of the cheese so it was a real treat. We’ll definitely be repeating that one a few times!

Take back the kitchen

The result! Yum

This is a review – I received some of the materials/ingredients used and also the Little Kitchen cookbook to try out some of the recipes in exchange of this review. Opinions are mine and noodle’s.

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