Valentine’s Day – Back to Basics

Valentine’s Day – Back to Basics

Naturally for a lingerie business, Valentine’s Day is always particularly busy for me. My customers at barechic are mainly guys who fit into two categories: The one who is overwhelmed and ever so slightly intimidated by the subject of underwear. Or, the guy who has a very good idea of what he would like his significant other to wear, who does however need somewhat taming because he knows that his wife/girlfriend will run a mile at the outfit he chooses. Either way, it gets rather crazy around this time, not helped by my son’s birthday just seven days before Valentine’s!

So when all the mad rush is over the last thing on our minds is to head out to a restaurant with a sea of tables for two, so close together you end up having an intimate dinner with about three other couples, a limited, boring and often over-priced menu finished off with cheap, yet again over-priced bottle of wine. Obviously this has nothing to do with the fact that in the rush we also completely forget to actually organise a babysitter; hard enough to come by on a “normal” night out.

So what are we left with? Well, actually it’s really lovely and long may it continue: Little one in bed, R will cook a lovely dinner, we set up the dining table which is in our conservatory so we can get it really cosy and romantic. Candles, serviettes, wine that WE chose. We dress up just as if we’re going out and it’s a proper date night, except it’s just us two, no interruptions, no rushing in the wind and rain. The focus is on us completely, not on how much we spent or big gestures. Keeping it simple removes much of the stress of getting organised and chasing a time schedule, even if it’s just the taxi waiting outside when you need to move heaven and earth to find your other shoe!

We love our cosy Valentine’s nights and I already look forward to this year’s 🙂

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