#ProjectMe Week Two – So ready!

#ProjectMe Week Two – So ready!

One week in to my challenge to change drop those last pesky pounds I have had on for way too long and changing my health and fitness for good and what can I say? WOW!

Drumroll……… in one week I lost 5lbs and 1 whole friggin inch of my waist! *does a jig and a dance* I’m so chuffed! I have literally told everyone I bump into 😀

I know a lot of the weight loss is supposed to be water as eating a low-carb diet is diuretic but the inch off my waist is what has really amazed me. I carry most of my weight on my belly. I have been mistaken pregnant before by a well-meaning friend that I hadn’t seen in years. In fact, I would be pretty happy with the rest of my curves. The belly is always the last place I lose weight.

So, what did I do last week? Well, I mentioned before that I went to the library to pick up “The New Atkins Made Easy”. This book is brilliant if you’re thinking of going low-carb. It explains in plain English why and how it will work. It’s a great way to get a solid understanding of the basics of carbohydrates, sugars, fat and protein. It helped me feel confident about what I’m doing. I used the book only as a guide to understand low-carb eating and as a resource to lists of food that are naturally low-carb. I decided early on that I still love a slice of toast in the morning, I just make it wholegrain and add loads of ham on top, and that I simply cannot live without eating fruit which is naturally higher in carbs than vegetables. So I decided not to follow the very strict induction plan that Atkins suggest.

These are the simple rules I arranged my meals by:

  • The right vegetables. Potatoes and parsnips are very high in carbs. Green vegetables like Broccoli and Spinach on the other hand are very low. There is a list in the book and on their website, for free.
  • Have protein with every meal. Protein fills you up for longer. I had heard about this many times before.
  • Always add fat to any carbs you eat, ie. a piece of cucumber (carbs) with a cube of cheese (fat).
  • Drink 8 glasses of 240ml water; one can be replaced with tea/coffee and one with Bovril.
  • Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner – in that order
  • Nothing with added sugar: you have to check ingredients really well. I was shocked how many different versions of sugar there are and how many foods contain sugar. This automatically reduces the amount of processed foods you have, which is really important.

It’s that simple. It took me just a week to pretty much completely get my head around it. And after, I’ve lost the weight I want to lose, I will introduce a few more carbs again but in wholegrain form. Pasta, potatoes, bread and rice shall still be limited to wholegrain varieties and to day time and excluded from evening meals. Sweets, cake, take-aways, crisps and whatever else goes into that category will be treats. There is no way I can live a life without Milka chocolate but nobody says you have to, right?!

Exercise. Well, I didn’t do loads. Thanks to Roo’s gym schedule being out of sync I only did two runs, that’s my excuse anyway. I did 4 miles on Tuesday and 6.5 miles on Sunday. Good enough for me 🙂

All in all it has been really easy. I’ll be honest, I’ve had a couple of moments where I struggled with craving something sweet, but it was literally two moments in the whole week. Roo has joined in too and he’s lost around 6-7lbs!

Anyway, now to the bit that I’ve been dying to get to!! Here are my results in picture. I’m so so so chuffed 😀

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