Weekly photo – week 20/52

23rd May 2016
weekly photo meadow

Every week I choose a photo to become my photo of the week to remind me of cherishing the little things, not losing sight of the things that really make our lives colourful.

This week it’s a photo I took when we had a picnic on a beautiful meadow surrounded by forest. Noodle made some friends very quickly and they wondered around the woods for nearly 3 hours. It was so peaceful and I could literally smell summer. It has become hugely important for me to do these little outings on a regular basis. I think it keeps us all grounded and some much needed down time.

So much so, we’ve decided to take part in the Wildlife Trust’s “30 days wild” for the month of June. We’re going to do something ‘wild’ every day. More on that soon. Can’t wait!

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