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    Night Flight

    17th May 2019
    view of a city at night from a plane

    It’s a dark February night. 9 pm. I find myself on a half-empty flight from Germany to London, homebound from a work trip. The night sky is clear and as I lean back in my seat, with Sia fiercely singing in my ears, I look at the breathtaking, dazzling world below. The flight is smooth, silent, almost trance-like as we glide effortlessly through the night sky. I wonder what is under the lights. All the seemingly mundane of busy lives,…

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  • Now you are eight

    Now you are eight

    I’m sitting watching you at Soft play with your mates. You didn’t want a party, you were even dreading your class mates singing to you at school. This is perfect for you, spend some…

    9th February 2019