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    Multiple Sclerosis

    A Letter to myself three years ago

    5th July 2019

    It’s been three years since my diagnosis. Three years ago, I stood in the hospital car park sobbing into the shoulder of my husband. I knew what the consultant would say but that didn’t make it any easier. I was petrified about what was ahead of me. A while ago, I wrote a letter to myself and it seems apt to post it today. It’s very relevant and I have read it back many times and will do so in…

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  • Journal

    Flare Scare – Adjustments Needed

    Fatigue was creeping in more and more. Of course, I started immediately worrying that MS is playing up, rearing its ugly head. I put it down to maybe having a so-called flare, dreading a…

    28th June 2019
  • half-term fun blog
    Family Friendly

    Our Week of Half-Term Fun

    We had a really good half-term holiday last week and here is what we got up to. The week started with a Bank Holiday so we had the chance to enjoy the day as…

    8th June 2019
  • roasted vegetable and prawn sourdough pizza

    Roasted Vegetable & Prawn Sourdough Pizza

    This recipe is adapted to be OMS friendly which means it’s vegan with seafood added. That also means there is no cheese! You can, of course, add cheese if you’re not following the Overcoming…

    21st May 2019
  • view of a city at night from a plane

    Night Flight

    It’s a dark February night. 9 pm. I find myself on a half-empty flight from Germany to London, homebound from a work trip. The night sky is clear and as I lean back in…

    17th May 2019