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30DaysWild – Days 6-12 & Our Nature Mobile

15th June 2017

I can’t believe we are already half way through our month of 30DaysWild! It’s been great, being in touch with nature. Although I’ll be honest, it’s not quite so easy after a long day at the office when I have only a couple of hours before bedtime to do household stuff, dinner, reading, homework etc etc.

There has been a couple of days when we just had to make do with something very simple and quick. On those days we admired some beautiful cloud formations, we followed a bee whizzing from flower to flower with pollen stuck on its legs, we made a daisy chain, we read some wild bedtime books and Noodle made a new woodlouse friend.

For the very first time, I also tried my hand at sketching some flowers. I found it so hard to even know where to start but I got into it and it was a lovely way to relax in the evening instead of watching TV. I will definitely try it again.

Our special craft project this week was a nature mobile.

We used two sticks and tied them together quite simply with string. On the four ends, we tied lots of pieces of treasure that we found on our rock pooling afternoon, a big duck feather and some paper leaves that noodle cut out and painted. It was quite easy to do. You only have to make sure that it roughly balances, otherwise, it won’t work as a mobile. I think you can see how proud Noodle was of his finished mobile.

Are you also taking part in 30DaysWild? If so, please do leave your links in the comments so I can have a snoop and pick up some of your ideas or read about your adventures.

30DaysWild: Wildlife Watch with Sussex Wildlife Trust
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