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End of Summer Ponder

28th August 2019

It’s early. I’ve just arrived at work. I open all the windows and let out the oppressing heat from last night replacing it with the fresh scent of summer rain. It’s only raining a little this morning before the sun returns later making it the kind of rain nobody minds. Last night was sticky, the hot air not moving; our suburban road looks somewhat disordered with the wide-open bedroom windows desperate to bring in even a hint of a breeze.

I am tired. I woke too many times to even count. My back was playing up again, we all kept each other awake from stirring constantly, loo breaks, creaking floorboards…

Still, it was nice to have one final heatwave before the summer holidays are through. One more week and we are back at school, September starts, the old routine is back, days turn shorter, leaves turn golden and the air gets colder. I do like autumn; it can be rather photogenic for a camera addict like me. However, if we could skip straight to Spring when Autumn draws colder, that would be lovely!

So, I look back at our summer with a tinge of sadness. It’s been lovely. Usually, the summer holidays themselves are chaotic as I work reduced hours and a lot of it from home around Noodle, making for a perfect combination of madness. But this year our summer has been different. I managed the ideal mixture of work and free time and Noodle has grown up A LOT.

We can spend time together, having brilliant and funny conversations about all sorts of stuff. Many times, he showers me with facts that I had no idea about and even less of a clue where he has learnt them. My clever little sausage starting year 4 next week!

We have done so much and been lucky to have spent lots of time outside. There have been birthdays, holidays, long weekends, countless picnics and BBQs, beach days and all the ice lollies! I’ve also purposely really switched off as much as possible, often grabbing a book instead. I am still on my 30-day social media detox which I will write about as soon as it’s complete.

Before us is another long weekend with a couple of family trips with mum who is visiting from Germany. For now, I leave you with a few favourites of this summer. I have a few more photos on my camera which I may share with you when the holidays are over.

lordington lavender selfie
Day out at Lordington Lavender farm
cinema popcorn
Aaalll the popcorn!
greta thunberg murial in bristol
Greta Thunberg murial in Bristol – Stunning!
Family selfie on holiday
Butterflies on my mint plant
Butterfly chasing in our Garden
tilgate park nature centre birds of the americas
Day out at our local nature centre

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  • Reply Elaine 28th August 2019 at 12:28

    Great photographs, like you I was up and down all night long Sooo happy it’s raining cats and dogs here too.

    • Reply Kat 28th August 2019 at 13:04

      Thanks! Yes, early night for me tonight! And much cooler here now thank goodness

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