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Our Week of Half-Term Fun

8th June 2019
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We had a really good half-term holiday last week and here is what we got up to.

The week started with a Bank Holiday so we had the chance to enjoy the day as a family. We visited the local Steyning Country Fair and it was such a good day. We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep!

As per our half-term tradition, I took Noodle to Brighton for the day. We both love it. We go and have Sushi for lunch and then choose something to do after. I had heard of the Sea Life Centre launching a new Day & Night display, so we headed there.

We were in there for nearly four hours! Noodle is a perfect age now where he is actually showing an interest in the creatures that he is looking at. I took way too many photos and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. Just as well, as it was raining all afternoon and we got quite wet making our way back home!

The following day the weather did a fabulous 360º turn and it turned out to be stunning weather all day! We had signed up for a Nature Craft workshop at the foot of the downs among sweeping meadows, organised by the Steyning Downland Scheme. The kids did a fantastic range of craft activities, but the adults really got so much out of it too! It was a lovely afternoon spent outdoors, even I got to be creative using chalk and painting a picture of a log in the grass. Painting or drawing is not something I was blessed with being good at, so I was really surprised at the picture I managed to create! Go me!

After a busy week we started our weekend a little early with Roo being off work for the day on Friday. We headed to the Brighton Booth Museum which we’d been meaning to try for ages. It was so much bigger than expected! Absolutely full of all types of wildlife and animals, insects, butterflies, skeletons, fossils and stones. We couldn’t believe how much there was to see and the fact that it’s free to enter!

With Roo being home, I also took the chance to get some time in for just me. Later that afternoon, I grabbed my camera and headed out where my nose took me. It was the perfect day and I saw some stunning landscape views on the South Downs, even found some poppies!

As if that wasn’t perfect enough, we spent the weekend in our favourite local camping spot: Sumners Ponds. Roo does some fishing, I laze about on the sun lounger, reading, journaling, having the odd snooze and Noodle quickly makes friends and spends the days dipping in and out and generally being an eight-year-old! We both have fond memories of holidays like this so it’s lovely to see him doing the same now.

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  • Reply Caz / InvisiblyMe 8th June 2019 at 17:17

    Wow, so much variety! County fair, lush greenery & outdoorsy pursuits, sealife, dinosaurs.. definitely sounds like a pretty funky half term

    • Reply Kat 8th June 2019 at 18:03

      It certainly was busy but all worked out perfectly

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