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30DaysWild – Day 1 to 5 – Off to a wildtastic Start

5th June 2017

We’re doing it again! Something “wild” every day in June. We’re taking part in the 30DaysWild challenge run by the Wildlife Trusts across the country. We have a wall chart to plan and document our progress, wild stickers, a packet of wildflower seeds, there is even an app to give us daily inspiration of what to do and a fantastic Facebook group to share our wild adventures. We’ve also been tweeting and instagramming every day. Noodle asks me every morning what wild thing we have planned for the day. It’s a great way to get your kids engaged with nature and it’s really quite therapeutic!

So here is what we’ve been up to in the past 5 days

Day 1: We admired a little pansy that grows in the cracks of the path outside our front door. It’s completely wild and tiny, but stunning nonetheless! In the evening we set up a Moth Trap and patiently waited. It was a bit of a disaster as we didn’t have a single moth come to visit! I think we may have to do this again with a different light. We did, however, see lots of bats flying around our back garden which is wonderful!

Day 2: Noodle’s Toucan Box subscription arrived and contained all the instructions and materials to make a bird feeder. What perfect timing! Later that afternoon we set off to burn some energy in the local woods, where we built a den and collected some pine cones and bark for a later project. I also happened across some lovely elderflower.

As it was such a hot day, we decided to make a quick bug water station with stones for bees and bugs to land and have a much-needed drink.

Day 3: I finished making elderflower cordial which had been soaking overnight. It is absolutely delicious and so so easy to make. It was my first time making it. There are tons of recipes all over the internet if you want to have a go yourself. Don’t wait too long though as the flowers will be gone soon!

Day 4: Today we took a trip to the beach. We found lots of little rock pools full of tiny crabs, mussels, snails and much to Noodle’s delight an old disregarded crab shell. We spent ages looking under rocks and inspecting the strange encrustations and various varieties of seaweed.


Day 5: We made some wild art in our scrapbook and Mr Naish took Noodle to our local Wildfowl Trust Reserve to see the ducklings this afternoon and came back with a little bunch of wildflowers for me 🙂

30 days wild

Please follow us on Instagram or Twitter to see our adventures or sign-up on the left to get our post in your inbox. We’ve already got loads of plans for more stuff to do during the next 25 days. If you want to take part in 30DaysWild, it’s not too late! Check out the Facebook group here.


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