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Total Chill-out Weekend at Sumners Ponds, West Sussex

3rd June 2017

Last weekend we got away from it all. Roo had been working away on freelance contracts in Bristol for a few weeks and we felt we needed to have a proper family catch-up. Just us three, a couple of fishing lakes, a good book for me… It was pure bliss. I have honestly not felt so chilled in years!

The week previous was incredibly tough. I had a fall and sprained my ankle, badly. This also coincided with have a rather high dose of steroids for 5 days to work on a potential relapse I was having. The steroids are just the pits. Only now, after coming off them and them leaving my system, I realise that the week was a complete blur. Night sweats but feeling freezing at the same time, insatiable hunger, a bitter taste in my mouth 24 hours no matter what I ate, tiredness beyond belief, my face flushed and puffed up, back pain, sore skin all over and a general brain fog that made me feel as if I wasn’t really present, everything muffled and the world miles away. My dose finished Wednesday and I finally felt it lifting on Saturday afternoon. It was like being high, I swear I felt 10 kg lighter!

At Sumners Ponds we stayed in little Shepherd’s Hut. It was magical! Right by the lake, one double bed, a word burning stove and just the bare essentials. We spent Saturday by the lake, boys doing some fishing and me reading, putting up my foot. We had a couple of BBQs in the evenings and ate at the cafe on-site on Sunday night. Noodle made a few friends which reminded me of those special summer holidays when we were children ourselves, we barely saw our parents all day, playing out with other kids who had travelled from all over the country. I cannot believe he is old enough to do this himself now and make all these amazing memories.

We took small (and slow!) strolls to the local pub in the village, had picnics, watched the bats darting over the lake in the evenings, reading, drinking wine and then cozied up in our little hut for the night, sleeping tops and tails in the small double bed. It was the relaxing break we all needed.


If you’re interested staying there yourself, or just visiting for a day’s fishing, here’s their website:

frau naish

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  • Reply Jenny 3rd June 2017 at 16:10

    Sounds amazing! We had our first holiday like that last year when we took the kids ‘glamping’ – they loved it and we hardly saw them. So special for them (and pretty relaxing for us adults, too) x

    • Reply Kat 3rd June 2017 at 16:13

      Yes! We will definitely do it again. It’s really close to where we live so no long driving involved either. You just have to pray that the weather holds out!

  • Reply dinosaursdonkeysandms 3rd June 2017 at 20:46

    Looks so beautiful where you stayed. I love West Sussex. I like places close to home aswell. It’s still a holiday but without loads of fuss. xxx

    • Reply Kat 3rd June 2017 at 20:49

      It was beautiful! We even popped home to feed the cat once lol

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