Beach days, Camping and a Kingfisher Photo – July ’18

2nd August 2018
Camping, Beach days & end of year 2 - July 2018

Wow, what a month July has been. At the weekend we’ve had the first proper rain since May! The weather recently has been unlike any British summer I’ve ever known. It’s been holiday weather every day. Many have been complaining about the heat and I don’t cope with it too well myself. But, I have been really sensible to keep cool as best I can and it’s working rather well and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Beach days

We had a few beach days or just beach afternoons. We are so lucky to live so close to the sea. It would be crazy not to use it. I’ve enjoyed a few dips in the sea which are so so refreshing. I highly recommend it, especially when the tide is going out. Locals will know, we have pebbles on our beaches here, but with the tide out, you can enjoy the sandy beach further out. The water temperature is surprisingly warm. It felt Mediterranean at times!

Beach days - life on a seesaw



The end of year 2

Noodle is moving into year 3 from September and he’s really been feeling worried about all the change. He has picked up on the vibe at school that next year will be quite a bit more serious. More work, new teachers, new classmates as our school always mixes classes every year and more emphasis on actually doing your homework. He’s been a worried little bean but our school is brilliant and have been so supportive, picking up on it at the same time I did.  I’m sure he will be absolutely fine and it’s just worry of the unknown. I was just like him, still am today at times. He is a clever sausage and a hard worker so I have no doubts.

Camping weekends

As well as our trips to the beach, we’ve also been camping a couple of weekends. It’s so lovely. Cheap and cheerful, and an excellent way to really get away from it all and spend quality time as a family. The boys often fish or play various different ball games and I am usually found reading. One of my birthday pressies was a Kindle Paperwhite which I love using! It never glares in the sun, it’s so much easier to hold than a book, it’s lighter, and I can read in the dark without disturbing anyone.

camping at sumners ponds west sussex

Stunning evening at the campsite

What I read

This leads me nicely to what I’ve been reading lately. I finished Friend Request just at the beginning of July. It has mixed reviews but I loved it. It takes a few unexpected turns and you won’t guess the ending halfway through. When I started reading it, I could really relate to the main character describing the insatiable desire to fit in with the cool crowd in her teenage years at school.

The second book I read in July was Then She Was Gone. Well, what a book!  It is about a 16-year-old that goes missing. The book changes time and person over a few chapters, taking you through all the different viewpoints. I can’t really give much more away but it’s heartbreakingly unputdownable to the very last page.

Losing a bit of weight & stopping pain meds

I have finally ditched Amitriptyline. I was prescribed it in August last year to deal with nerve pain but increasingly I have struggled with how hard it makes getting up in the mornings. So I had already reduced it to only taking the lowest dose every couple of days. It is now fully out of my system and I can manage the pain, in my left leg and back, with some very simple exercises before I go to sleep. I feel much more human and better organised with my daily life! I think coming off has also contributed to losing a little weight. Although I have changed my exercise routine with the street dance which has done wonders for my body physically and cognitively. Next course starts next week! 🙂

Love a bit of DIY

In the past few days, I have decided to finally tackle Noodle’s bedroom. It needs a really good clear-out and we are also slowly giving the whole house a new lick of paint. I do love to paint, gone are the days that I can just keep going all day, though I did pretty well on Monday. One wall left to go and his wardrobe to get a couple of new shelves to make some more storage space and we are there.

Snapping a Kingfisher!

Finally! This is a massive bucket list tick! I have always been fascinated with this bird, even as a child. Back then, I had always assumed that it lived somewhere in the rainforest. It was only much later that I realised that the Kingfisher is in fact very much part of British wildlife. Over the past few years we’ve seen a few and since getting my camera, there has always been one reason or another why I missed out on taking a decent photograph: leaving the camera in the car for a stroll around a fishing village in Cornwall, not having the right lens with me on a family day out, not to mention that this is a rather shy and very fast bird. We recently visited the Warnham Nature Reserve near Horsham and from talking to other photographers, I knew the Kingfisher had been active that day. I perched in a hide by the lake and maybe waited 10 minutes before it simply appeared! Mind. Blown. What a stunner! Don’t you think?

kingfisher at warnham nature reserve horsham west sussex


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  • Reply Linda G. Hill 2nd September 2018 at 14:36

    Your photos are lovely! Especially the kingfisher.
    Thanks for the reviews. I think I’ll put “Friend Request” higher on my TBR list. The other book sounds good too!
    And congrats on getting off the pain meds. I know how difficult it can be to live (and try to sleep!) with pain.
    All the best, and thanks for the follow! 🙂

    • Reply Kat 2nd September 2018 at 14:50

      Thanks Linda! I really like your writing prompts. Hoping to take part in it myself

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