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11th April 2017

It’s been three months since my last post. I have taken a break. There have been moments of worrying about the gap in posts but then I just decided that this is MY blog. I can do what I bloody well like with it!

So, what’s been keeping me otherwise engaged? Well, actually I’ve been quite busy. There’s been noodle’s and my birthdays, I have done lots of photography and I’ve been quite busy with Worthing Mums. Last summer I almost decided to give it up. I struggled to find content and purpose for the blog. I decided I wouldn’t renew the hosting package when it expired in December and just keep running the social media accounts.

worthing mums

Almost as soon as I made that decision, I had opportunities coming from all directions, people wanting to contribute, companies asking to be featured, mums asking for advice (the ACTUAL main purpose of it!) and even potential advertisers enquiring. So I have ploughed a lot more time into getting it to the buzzing, full-of-useful-info website that I dream it will be! I’m not a journalistΒ and there is tons to learn but I’m having so much fun with it, I can’t stop now. And I seem to finally have settled on the look of the website itself, which, the eagle-eyed may have spotted, changed quite a few times!


Photography-wise I have also had some amazing feedback lately that keeps me going. My photos have featured in local magazine Here & Now three times now, and I have a full page spread coming up in the May issue, all my photos and article about Cissbury Ring, a beauty spot on the South Downs for those of you not local. We had a lovely family day out there on Mother’s Day and I took some photographs of the wild ponies that are conservation grazing up there.


Health – Starting DMT

Regarding my health, I’m in an ok state at the moment. I have roller-coaster weeks, lots of ups and a few downs. Staying off the gluten is still helping me hugely but I feel I need to be a bit stricter about it. Doing some research into it is making me realise there are yet more improvements to be had, if I can be stricter. More and more is being published about wheat really not being very good for any of us. Once I reach Β some more results with this, I shall write about it.

I have also started DMT, decease modifying therapy. This therapy doesn’t do anything for my current symptoms. I still have pins and needles in my hands and arms. I haven’t felt them properly since June last year. Funny what you get used to! There is no medicine that can change that, hence me trying to be stricter with my diet… DMTs come in lots of different variations and essentially they are supposed to stop relapses or at least reduce their severity. Only time will tell if mine is working. I have gone with the mildest one in the hope it works without too many side effects. It’s a small injection three times a week. The needle is no worry, but the medicine stings as it spreads out. Β I would compare it to a bee sting. So far, that is the only “side-effect” so I’m pretty happy with that.


I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty lazy. It’s so much harder now. At the weekend I swam 22 lengths in a 25m pool. That is all I could muster and I pushed myself. I was done in. Everything hurt, I felt like I’d run 10 miles, and I know what that feels like! I’ve had some advice from a physio about my hips, where the problems of tripping up seem to stem from. I have exercises to do to strengthen those. Hopefully not feeling so wobbly on my feet will motivate me to do a bit more. I have started to actively go for walks when I can fit them in. Again, something I need to be stricter with.

This post has been a bit rambly and all over the place. Hope you don’t mind. It’s been quite a good “mind-dump” for me anyway. Missed writing this way. Hopefully, I will see you a bit sooner next time.



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