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16th January 2017
word of 2017

Happy New Year all! It’s that time of year again for my “Word of the year” post. After a lovely break I feel quite positive and refreshed. We had a lovely time as a family, quite a peaceful Christmas and caught up with lots of friends and family.

I know a lot of people hate new year’s resolutions but I do always make a few. I love a fresh start. It does motivate me and it also makes me reflect on the past year. I also love to think of a word to focus on for the year, like a single reminder of the stuff I’m trying to achieve.

Now, I have a few resolutions, some really small ones, some bigger, that will need some commitment. There are personal ones and work ones. My focus is always on the personal stuff. It has to be. Everything else will only be achievable if you are happy in your personal life.

  1. Take more photos of me

Being a photographer means you are never in the shots yourself. You become the documenter of everything. It’s wonderful and I’m enjoying it so so much. BUT, I have come to the realisation that I have very few photos of me. Noodle will not many photos of his mum when he gets older. This has to change. I want him to be able to remember lots of good times we had together when he is older. It is so important. I have already started this one 🙂

word for 2017

  1. Go for a run

This sounds a bit obvious and basic but it’s a big one. Now I know that was a symptom long before my diagnosis, I kept tripping whilst out running. I often caught myself, but a couple of times I fell. Hard. It did really knock my confidence at the time as I just couldn’t explain what was happening. Well, as we speak, my left foot drops as soon as I reach fast walking speed or get tired, whichever comes first. A run is something I just can’t do at the moment. I suck at exercise. Running has always been the easiest. Put your trainers on and go. I miss that. I am starting to exercise again and my goal is to build up strength to enable me to run again by the end of this year.

  1. Make ‘some’ money from photography

Photography has become a huge deal for me. I love it more and more. I can see myself improving all the time. It has become an escape because when I do it, it’s all consuming. I think of nothing else and that’s so therapeutic. I want to earn some money from it this year. I want to take pictures of families mostly. I’m currently doing a course on safe posing of newborns and got some exciting contacts lined up to get that portfolio sorted. Watch this space! Eeeeekhhhh! 🙂

  1. Say ‘yes’

I have done this before but I’ve gotten out of the habit. When an opportunity comes up, say yes. It might be scary, but you will find a way. Try it! It really does work! I recently took up the offer to photograph a local New Year’s eve party (I wrote a post about it on Worthing Mums). I really wasn’t sure as we had plans for later that evening and things would get quite tight time-wise. Well, I did it and the feedback I had was amazing! People contacted me to buy my photos! So glad I said yes. 😉

Not the usual “loose 5 stone and run 3 marathons” kind of list, is it? I think that all are quite achievable and things are already moving in the right direction.

The biggest lesson I have learnt from 2016, however, is what my word for 2017 is all about. I have learnt that I need to chill out and actively avoid stress. I don’t necessarily mean work stress, or busy days. I mean emotional upheaval, the kind of stress you inflict on yourself. You know, calling yourself fat, worrying over playdough on the carpet, messy toys, too much washing. Worrying about being a good enough mum, wife, good enough at my job, a good enough photographer, worrying about writing enough blog posts (WTF??).

So, my personal word for 2017 is


Ignore the mess (there’s hardly any as it is!).

Ignore the stress.

Ignore the worry about my health.

Ignore the self-doubt.

Ignore the hurdles, don’t let them stop you reaching your goals.

Ignore the naysayers.

And finally, ignore social media a little bit more 🙂


Have you made any resolutions? I’d love to hear what they are. Let me know in the comments below!

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