Night Flight

17th May 2019
view of a city at night from a plane

It’s a dark February night. 9 pm.

I find myself on a half-empty flight from Germany to London, homebound from a work trip. The night sky is clear and as I lean back in my seat, with Sia fiercely singing in my ears, I look at the breathtaking, dazzling world below.

The flight is smooth, silent, almost trance-like as we glide effortlessly through the night sky.

I wonder what is under the lights. All the seemingly mundane of busy lives, not even noticing me up here, looking down.

Children sleeping, parents watching the evening news, friends out for drinks, couples on dates, babies being born, doctors at the start of a hard night shift in A&E, lonely souls crying into their pillows. Laughter, love, happiness, sadness, despair, violence, fear, pain, jealousy, pleasure, joy, boredom.

The rollercoaster of everyday life.

And I’m just sitting up here swinging on Sia’s Chandelier.

And I can’t wait to see you both. I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful face as you sleep peacefully just before I crash out from a busy week myself. Back home. My life back off the pause button that is flight mode for all of an hour.

My life.

All while someone else is flying over my house wondering what I’m up to.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

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