Journal: Starting OMS (again), a Newborn and Fighting Period Poverty

30th April 2019
OMS journal

Hello everybody! I just can’t believe it’s the end of April!

It has been a mega busy couple of months. At times I feel like I’ve not looked up all day at work. Definitely need to find a better balance and force me to take breaks away from the desk. With the weather now improving, I can get back outside – so no excuses!

Since my last health update, fatigue has been creeping in quite a bit. I’m on my third round of irritating cough and everything just feels a bit labored. The cough has meant not going street dancing since January which is probably why I’m all stiff and slow.

I have been doing a bit of reading and realized I need to make a permanent change to my lifestyle. I have revisited the OMS Plan, ie. Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Program written by Prof. George Jelinek. There are seven steps to the program which includes Diet, Sun & Vitamin D, Exercise and Mind-Body Connection.

The diet part is, of course, the hardest part and I have attempted it in the past but failed somewhat. This time I have to take it seriously, for me, for Noodle. The program is free, has been endorsed by leading neurologists and has a ton of support by patients. I have even managed to find a local group to meet for recipe ideas, encouragement, and a good old natter; with people who live positive and active lives with MS. I have no excuses!

To make sure I succeed this time, I’m starting slowly. As of Sunday, I have not eaten meat for three weeks. Bet you never thought a sausage-loving German would mutter those words? Next step will be cutting out dairy. That will be a lot more difficult. Dairy seems to be in everything!

The diet is essentially vegan but allowing fish for the all-important omegas. It also requires consuming a regular dose of linseed or flaxseed oil, again to make sure I get enough Omega 3 and 6. And all the Vitamin D which people with MS are known to be very low on.

If you’re interested, there’ll be some links at the bottom.

What else we have been up to

April started with my first newborn photoshoot. My lovely sister in law allowed me to take some photos of gorgeous Oliver. I’m really proud of the results but I also really enjoyed the shoot itself. Newborns are just so lovely. They are so sleepy all day, much to the dismay of their parents when they are awake all night, I know! But as long as they are warm, fed and have a new nappy, they are super content and perfect little models. Can you tell I got a tad broody?

Shortly followed by this was my first presentation I have given to a group of complete strangers; namely the Women’s Institute in Yapton where I introduced the Red Box Project. I slightly panicked when they handed me a microphone (!) but it went so well and I’m really proud of myself for doing it. I always admired people who just stand up and give a speech.

The most fantastic news announced in April is that the government is finally taking note about period poverty and has pledged to make sanitary products free in all schools across England from early next year. It will be sad to close our little project but that was our ultimate goal. We shouldn’t have to rely on a generous public for these products. If men had periods this wouldn’t even be a thing. Sanitaryware is essential like toilet paper and should be available to all in the same way. We’ve still got lots of work to do until next Spring and I’m always a bit skeptical on government timescales, so it may even be a little longer.

May will see me doing another one of those presentations, a small wedding to photograph and a Tot Rockin’ Beats in Brighton.

For now, I leave you with a few pics from what we’ve been up to.

Camping Friends

Meeting Baby Oliver


Cornish Beach Day


Link to the OMS Program:

Link to the OMS Facebook Support Group:

Link to find your local OMS Circle:

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