A week of snot & getting ready for Christmas

10th December 2017

What a week! If I had to use one word to sum up this week, it would be SNOT! We’ve all been unwell for a few weeks now but this week took another level. Noddle and I were both off work and school for a couple of days. I had such a busy week planned!

I managed to make it, slightly battered but well covered in make-up, to my work-do on Wednesday, a swanky affair involving dinner at Alfresco Brighton and an impromptu trip on the i360 right next door. It was lovely but I faded at 7.30 and left to lie down.

On Thursday I was meant to take a couple of girlie mates to the press night of Worthing Theatres’ Panto, starring the one and only Chesney Hawkes (I know, had to be done 😊). Normally, I would go to the panto with Mr Naish & Noodle but it was gonna be a fun night out with the girls, enjoying the after party and hopefully getting a selfie with Mr Hawkes.

On Friday, my friend unexpectedly had a spare ticket for me to see Bananarama in Brighton so we planned to have the ultimate ‘80s cheese fest. But it was not to be.

I basically start coughing around 6 pm until I pass out sometime around midnight. By this point, my eyes are ready to pop out and everything aches. Bloody miserable. Off to the docs for me in the morning. I need to shift this pronto. I have a small photo shoot on Thursday evening!

In other news, I’m making surprising progress with the Christmas shopping. I’m normally a last-minute person but not this year. So much so that I have a load of stuff under our tree still parcelled up as we only got wrapping paper yesterday.😊😊

seesaw Journal - writing christmas cards

I have also finally started writing some cards which will be going out next week. Noodle has joined me to write his for all his classmates which is sweet. We always buy the cards that Noodle has designed at school, which in turn supports our school. For me, this is the perfect compromise to not buying any cards and supporting a charity instead.
People love getting cards and we’re still supporting a worthy cause.

Next week, I’m looking forward to Noodle’s school nativity, my photoshoot on Thursday and catching up with some very good old friends in Worthing on Saturday.

I hope your week was better than mine?! Do you have any exciting plans coming up?

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  • Reply myfamilyhomeblog 10th December 2017 at 19:57

    Nice to see you took on board my drink recommendation! Shame you didn’t make it to bananarama, I went and it was fantastic, hopefully you will feel better soon and be up for the next gig. Juliet Evans

    • Reply Kat 10th December 2017 at 20:00

      Thank you!! Yes, I heard it was fabulous. Another time. 24 hours without lemsip or nose spray and I ‘think’ I am slightly better. Fingers crossed!

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